As a trained medical doctor, I’m well informed about medical decision making and obstacles within the health care system. I can help you navigate the process of finding a primary care physician or specialist physician according to your diagnosis or other specific needs. If you have questions about your medical records we can review laboratory results, imaging, or biopsy results with a patient-centered approach so that you feel confident about your understanding of your condition and how to make decisions according to your own value system.

I’m particularly interested in helping people with chronic conditions or new diagnoses to organize holistic health and healing plans. With my extensive background in science and evidence-based medicine, I can help you research diagnoses, medications, surgeries, hospitals, physicians, and clinical trials as well as help integrate these practices with supportive holistic practices.


I blend my traditional medical training with Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to hone in on the energetics of healing. I commonly work with energy through the psyche, the subtle body, and the physical body. My services are geared towards developing skills and tools for reprogramming energetic patterns. We explore all aspects of wholeness to create a sustainable plan for overcoming challenges and current limitations

Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient Vedic approaches to health and longevity that I use to help unlock healing potentials and address chronic imbalances through preemptive lifestyle modifications. I work with the subtle body, including energy fields, channels, and bodies

Herbalism is the study of therapeutic plant relationship, which is an important aspect of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many ways to develop relationships with nature as medicine. I am here to listen, share resources, learn, and grow with you as you further your connection to trees, shrubs, weeds, flowers, fungi and more.


Astrology is the ancient tradition of learning from the sky. Tucked amidst the stars are planets, moons, and asteroids that can help guide us through our most challenging issues. How astrology works remains a mystery, but those who work with the practices can attest to its brilliance.

Storytelling with the stars and planets is one of the many ways that we learn to see the deeper patterns that underlie everyday. Astrology can help us identify personal and collective energy dynamics within the self by connecting our personal stories with our human wholeness through the symbolism and themes. We can look at the birth chart, a pictorial representation of planetary alignment at the time of your birth, and correspond that with current planetary movements and healing cycles.