What's Worth Writing

What's Worth Writing

Too often I’m stewing over my urges to share my thoughts through writing. In the age of information consumerism, it seems like everything has already been said before, so what’s the purpose of me adding to the bombardment of noise? Maybe’s that’s just an intellectualization of my insecurities. There’s also an element of societal conditioning at play that has taught me that my voice is not important. When I open that box to peer a little deeper I find self-deprecating beliefs that undermine my motivation to create and share.

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Autonomy is how we justify losing our way

when Beneficence breaks our compass or

if Non-malfeasance fails to guide

so we carefully map Informed Consent to prove that we tried.

Emily McDonald, MD

Hello! I'm Emily, in addition to many other things, I am an allopathic doctor that left the health care system to find a better way to care for people and our planet. I no longer practice the kind of medicine we are used to seeing and using in America today - I am cultivating a practice community based herbalism for social justice and environmental harmony.