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What's Worth Writing

Too often I’m stewing over my urges to share my thoughts through writing. In the age of information consumerism, it seems like everything has already been said before, so what’s the purpose of me adding to the bombardment of noise? Maybe’s that’s just an intellectualization of my insecurities. There’s also an element of societal conditioning at play that has taught me that my voice is not important. When I open that box to peer a little deeper I find self-deprecating beliefs that undermine my motivation to create and share.

This has been my line of thinking for YEARS and I’m over it. It feels crucial for my maturation to be able to express myself and my experience. I’m going to trust that. Let honesty and integrity be my guide.

My first pieces of writing online were elaborations on scientific studies. I wanted to connect the abstract implications on concrete reality in a way that seemed to be lacking in the mainstream news. Rather than wanting focus on the technical advancements, I’m more interested in the ethics of science of technology, and the broader implications of research on our ecosystems and universe.

I’m so committed to my values that I’ve reconfigured my profession practice to more closely align with my ethical and spiritual beliefs. For example, while I believe that surgery and pharmaceuticals are life saving measures with incommensurate value, I also believe that the health care system causes an unnecessary harm that costs people both sanity and livelihood. In order to alleviate this tension, I’ve dedicated myself to holistic community medicine that situates the needs of human beings within the context of all of living beings.

This writing fixation is really about storytelling. I want to feel worthy enough to share my stories. Storytelling, and rewriting internal stories that no longer serve us, is a practice that I routinely endorse. I studied the utility of storytelling in teaching professionalism in medicine and found it a therapeutic tool for collective processing of conflict and trauma. Why would I not implore myself to do that same?

Moving forward, I look forward to sharing what I learn about health and healing through my own personal narratives and as well my experiences in helping others. I hope that my stories can spark fresh perspective on what is abundant and available to us all.