Winter Solstice Warmth

My past year has been filled with so many amazing plant encounters that it's difficult to believe that I lived with my attention focused anywhere else over my 30 year lifetime.

I had often worried about corruption, pollution, and cultural delusion but I had no capacity to integrate my concerns into a functional approach to living. My entire reality changed when the plants called on me to reframe my idea of medicine. Even the word "medicine" has been decomposed and repurposed for a greater good than I could have ever imagined.

With 300k of student loan debt, I have been more financially constrained this year than ever but it is well worth the time and space that I am afforded by helping people outside of the business of health care. I know that my purpose is to help others to imagine an ecologically integrated medicine and I'm learning how to explain this paradigm shift as I map out my holistic health design and advocacy practice.

I used to feel alone in my idealism and theoretically grounded approach to everyday life but the herbalism community is full of likeminded individuals who share a commitment to make the world a better place for all beings - not just people, but for all life.  I used to think that my only worth was gathering evidence, but now I know that intuition is just as powerful.

The expansive yet contractile nature of time is especially apparent to me this Winter Solstice. The cycles and patterns of this seasonal shift are familiar in an eternal kind of way that is nurturing to deep wounds that I have long ignored. 

I now listen to the great trees and unruly shrubs, the medicinal herbs and tiny mosses who supply me with life. I fear if it were not for the plants, I would still be viciously cycling through the capitalistic medical machine without a guide or a map for my healing journey. 

The days regrow and I am ready for more seeds.