Save Lives. Play Video Games?

A few years back we posted about about a protein folding video game that kicked off this movement to crowdsource solutions to complex problems. This new game “Malariaspot” will hopefully show how powerful collaborative energy can be when harnessed effectively.  Here’s what they say:

The Malariaspot game is a kick-off proof-of-concept experiment, which is part of a larger vision devoted to:

  • The establishment of a global specialized task force of remote gamers/workers able to perform on-line malaria diagnosis (and potentially other diseases).

  • The development of new on-line games powered by artificial intelligence engines able to diagnose and minimize the time required get a perfect parasite count.

  • Developing a microscopy-in-a-mobile-phone system for telediagnosis, allowing data transfer directly from field workers and health centers to the Malariaspot platform for rapid diagnosis.

Emily McDonald, MD

Hello! I'm Emily, in addition to many other things, I am an allopathic doctor that left the health care system to find a better way to care for people and our planet. I no longer practice the kind of medicine we are used to seeing and using in America today - I am cultivating a practice community based herbalism for social justice and environmental harmony.