About Me

I am a graduate of SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and Swarthmore College. I have published in peer-reviewed journals, presented at academic conferences, co-managed a non-profit medical clinic for individuals without health insurance, organized large scale interdisciplinary events, delivered more than 100 newborns, cared for thousands of patients through the hospital system, and most recently, opened Chrysalis - a space to integrate my many passions in service of all beings.

I learned through my rigorous training in science and medicine that all of life is interconnected and interdependent. It naturally unfolds that our healing is interdependent as well. By releasing sensory gating, expanding perceptive channels, and strengthening my own intuition, I have witnessed the dynamics within our own human beings can be reflected and understood through patterns in nature: all that is contained within us can be seen around us. It is with this knowledge and heartfelt acceptance that I offer support and guidance for all who seek deeper connections to spirit and truth.